Friday, May 19, 2017

Digital Dozen Does Rainforests, Frog Nail Art

Ok, I made it to that usually means it's my weirdest or least liked look of the week! I really wanted to recreate one of the poisoned frog's my son's like from the BBC Earth 2 series I mentioned on Monday. I decided to practice some decal making for this lil guy, as I knew he might be tricky.

I also had the bright idea to do this on my Cindy hand for some freehand practice for my non-dominant. I created all my freehand leaf/frog details in acrylic paints. My little frog decal turned out pretty cute, and applied all right considering I haven't attempted this in a while. The base on this is Swizzle Stix from Barielle

Don't forget to check out my girls looks today, and feel free to leave me a round of applause in the comments for creating the leaf pattern with my non-dominant hand!!!

Cheers all,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Digital Dozen Does Rain Forest, Tiger Nail Art

Today's look is another fun twinsie look inspired by some stamping by @cedriscnails on Instaram with fellow Digital Dozen girl extraordinaire Sarah from +25 Sweetpeas. I created this fun rain forest setting with stamping leaves from BPL-026 and the tiger peaking out from BM-613. Sarah then recreated hers freehand. It was really cool to see it both ways! I'd like tot do it again sometime, with me the one challenged to freehand! My base polish for this was two coats of Gorgeous from Sinful Colors.

Doesn't he look hungry? Don't forget to follow some links below and see what's up for day four!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Digital Dozen Does Rainforests, Toucan Nail Art

Today's look is the super cute freehand twinsie with Cheyenne from @cdbnails143 on Instagram and fellow Digital Dozen that I was mentioning yesterday. The look was an original creation from @lifeisbetterpolished that I've wanted to copy forever and Cheyenne found it online as well. Great minds think alike!

The base on this one is the sheer nude Mousseline from Sally Hansen. This took three coats and my design is all acrylic paint. I even got to dig out the seldom used 'giant' dotting tool for this one.

Side story, I was supposed to make my toucan belly yellow as Cheyenne did for a change, but forgot and copied the original. Oh well, did you notice?

Cheers all,

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Digital Dozen Does Rain Forests, Lizard Nails

Today's look is a super cute freehand twinsie/bestie with Cheyenne from @cdbnails143 on Instagram and fellow Digital Dozen member. The look was lightly inspired by a lizard look from Robin Moses a while back.We traded two looks for the week and this is the first! All the tropical plants and my lizard are acrylic pain on two coats of Crash from Indie Polish. Once dry, I matted this one as well to show off the details better.

Don't forget to follow the links below to see Cheyenne's amazing version in her post, as well as the day 2 looks from the other girls. I can't wait to show you the second look from Cheyenne and myself as it might be some of the cutest nail art ever!

Cheers all,

Monday, May 15, 2017

Digital Dozen Does Rainforests, Floral Nail Art

This week brings us another Digital Dozen week, and we're celebrating rain forests! I was actually so full of ideas for this week it was hard to decide! There are so many cool plants and animals in the rain forest. My family and I have been watching the BBC Earth 2 series in the evenings. I totally recommend it. My kids are at the age where they will watch something like this with us and are fascinated with the animals. If you haven't heard of it, click the link. There have been a ton of rain forest references in the series, so some of my ideas for this week come straight from the show.

Today's look is a freehand tropical floral on Dance Baby from China Glaze. I really wanted to start the week with tropical feeling flowers as the rest of my designs focus on amazing animals. My ferns and flowers were created with a selection of bright and neon acrylic paints, followed by a matte topper.

I love all the crazy rain forest plants from the series, even glow in the dark mushrooms I considered doing! Don't forget to go through the Inlinkz below to see what the other DD members cooked up for day 1.

Cheers all,

Friday, April 14, 2017

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Gradient With Nail Stamping Day 4

My very last getting to know me look is this gradient look. When planning my looks, I knew I wanted to represent lots of blue because it's my favourite as well as at least one gradient. I love gradients, and don't do them nearly as many as I used to. If I could only do one look forever, the gradient is the way to go.

For my getting to know me point for today I couldn't think of anything at all, till I remembered I paint  in oil and acrylics in my spare time and forgot to mention it under my hobbies.

Thanks for hanging out with us all week!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Getting To Know Me, Hot Pink Nail Stamping

Today's look for Digital Dozen Does Getting To Know Me week is a hot pink double stamp. I used an unnamed hot pink from Color Club for my pink base, and I also tried it out for stamping. It stamped well, but look how different the colour is on a white base. My white is Sally Hansen lll and the images are lll and lll.

For today's getting to know me points, I thought I'd share my hobbies. I love swimming and watching movies...a lot of movies! I try and work out very regularly too, because I also love to eat!

I matted this one and just love love loved it!

Cheers all,